A stopwatch utility writting in Java (and Swing).

First and foremost: the screenshot

Source and binary releases, bugs, support requests, feature requests, documentation, etc., can all be accessed via the project summary.


Jawatch is being developed with the following goals, in order of importance:
  1. Bringing me up to speed on Java development.
  2. Providing a cross-platform stopwatch utility.
  3. Creating the best stopwatch utility.

The name "JaWatch" is a mashing of "Java" and "Watch". Also, Ja is my wife's childhood nickname, and I'm very thoughtful. If you happen to be a Rastafarian who uses a stopwatch, please add an 'H' and submit a patch.


  1. You'll need Java 5.0. Download it from Sun.
  2. Download the JaWatch .jar file.
  3. If your machine is configured as such, you can just double-click the .jar file to run. Otherwise, see the release notes on the download page, or in the .jar file (open it with your .zip utility).

Author and Contributions

JaWatch was created by Ryan Isaacs.

If you'd like to contribute, please let me know.

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